Let's Make That Web Series You've Been Talking About

This class will introduce students to the various formats for a potential web series, shooting styles, production, and post-production. At the end of the class, students will have enough knowledge to go out and start a series and where to find proper resources.
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Lessons and Materials

  • INTRODUCTION - An introduction explaining what "How to Make a Web Series Covers

  • FORMATS - The first lesson will talk through the different formats that web series come in and we'll show examples.TV

  • PRE-PRODUCTION - This lesson will explore the different ways to plan for a web series and useful scripting formats.

  • PRODUCTION - This lesson covers how different formats are produced and shot. We also list different software that is available for post production.

  • POST PRODUCTION - This lesson covers an overview of how post production occurs and materials and tools that are freely available for your web series.

  • Q AND A - A short question and answer session from former students.

  • EXAMPLES - We supply two example web series episodes created by the instructor

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Victor Varnado

Victor Varnado is a producer, filmmaker, comedian, writer, and cartoonist. Victor's work as a series creator has generated iconic firsts and cult hits like "Comedy Central's "The Awkward Comedy Show" a concert film that helped introduce the world to Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress. Also, "Realm of LARP" a documentary series distributed by Nerdist continues to be one of the most beloved productions delving into the world of live-action role-playing. Cartoons created by Victor have appeared in the The New Yorker and MAD Magazine.

Bonus Material

  • PDF

    Everything we talk about in the class is covered in this companion PDF


    We will provide example web series episodes with commentary.

  • Q and A

    You can hear the instructor answer questions from former students.

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